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Product Specs
Glass Armor™ series of high performance, thick-film epoxy coatings and linings are designed for all types of chemical immersion and spill and splash environments. All Glass Armor™  products exhibit common performance features that result in superior chemical and physical resistance in a wide variety of operating conditions. Features such as 100% solids formulations, VOC compliant, high-build (20-150 mils DFT) monolithic application process, excellent bond strength, abrasion and impact resistance and a spray application process make Glass Armor™  products an excellent choice for long term corrosion protection and leak prevention.

The information presented within this web site is intended to provide the user with a guide to preliminary selection and an indication of the chemical resistance range of Glass Armor™  protective coating and lining products. There are many factors, other than chemical resistance, to consider when selecting a Glass Armor™  product for a specific application. Technical information such as operating temperatures, temperature cycling, vessel design and accessibility, type of substrate, surface preparation and physical requirements for abrasion and impact must be considered.
The data published in this web site was derived by conducting immersion tests in closed cells using 2"x 4" x 1/8" steel panels coated with the specific product at the thickness recommended for immersion service. The test panels were cured for seven (7) days at 77°F and were unaffected by the following products after one (1) year immersion at ambient temperature.

For additional information or technical assistance, please contact our technical services department toll-free at (800) 676-8265.