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Our products are designed for corrosion protection and leak prevention, our GLASS ARMOR™ and PROTUFF™ products are typically used to protect storage tanks, process vessels, secondary containment structures, concrete process areas and floors against continuous or intermittent chemical attack and degradation.

The Glass Armor™ series of high performance, thick-film epoxy coatings and linings are designed for all types of chemical immersion and spill and splash environments. All Glass Armor™ products exhibit common performance features that result in superior chemical and physical resistance in a wide variety of operating conditions. Features such as 100% solids formulations, VOC compliant, high-build (20-150 mils DFT) monolithic application process, excellent bond strength, abrasion and impact resistance and a spray application process make Glass Armor™ products an excellent choice for long term corrosion protection and leak prevention.


There are many factors, other than chemical resistance, to consider when selecting a Glass Armor™ product for a specific application. Technical information such as operating temperatures, temperature cycling, vessel design and accessibility, type of substrate, surface preparation and physical requirements for abrasion and impact must be considered.

Protective Tank Coatings

Glass Armor 27P 
Underground storage tank lining specifically designed for fuel blends using higher concentrations of Ethanol/Methanol

Glass Armor 27 Series IMPERVIOUS 1 
UL 1856 listed Underground storage tank lining specifically designed for fuel blends using higher concentrations of Ethanol/Methanol and tested to the highest Underwriters Laboratory's immersion standards

Glass Armor 56P
Epoxy patch kit for Underground Storage Tanks


Glass Armor Pool Armor 250 
PA 250 film is a thick-film, 100% solids reinforced, proprietary formulated epoxy-based polymer designed for general use as a protective sealant and coating for concrete, cinder block, and steel structures exposed to water, industrial and domestic waste water, and other mildly aggressive continuous or intermittent immersion chemical environments.


SDS Resin      

Glass Armor (BondFlex) 510
General use as a flexible repair and base coat putty, especially for seams, rivets, and chime areas



Glass Armor™ 175WB
GA-175WB is a clear drying aliphatic epoxy formulation with excellent chemical resistance & adhesion performance to metal & other surfaces, no odor/VOCs during application.


Glass Armor™ 125CS

GA-125CS is a 100% solid polyurea with a silicone tail. This enables the polyurea to have superior chemical and heat resistance, lower water absorption, better abrasion resistance and improved weathering.

Glass Armor™ 150AP
GA-150AP is a new revolutionary non-conventional exterior 100% polyurea coating. This product has been designed specifically to deliver the toughness and abrasion resistant properties of that of an aromatic polyurea but provides the capability of retaining color-fastness for a full range of pigmented colors.


Glass Armor™ 225CE
GA-225CE is a versatile fast low-temperature curing Novalac epoxy with excellent chemical resistance such as resistance to 98% sulfuric and 37% HCL acids. It provides superior resistance to waterspotting, even under adverse conditions, and is DOT noncorrosive.


























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